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--How did you come up with the idea for the mouth shape?
Whenever having coffee in the morning, I think that holding warm coffee in my mouse is like a warm kiss but existing circuit board lids are a bit low to satisfy with my sexual desire.

--What does it feel like to drink out of one?
I try to give a feeing of real kiss like biting bottom lip.
This lid was really a bizarre shape which has only lips without nose and I felt something missing and empty at first testing.
In technical practicing(kiss), I realized how important nose was and I put nose and face muscle and enlarged lips on the lid.

--What type of plastic are they made of?

--Are these lids currently available for purchase? How much do they cost?
In Korea, it is just released. It sells a box of 100ea,1000ea.
Many people mistake this product for tumbler but this is a disposable coffee lid for coffee chains (B2B)
but consumer response is not bad now so we have plan to produce a related tumbler later.
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