Canals at Venice Beach - Location: Venice, California
Canon 20D
Hand-held (over walking bridge)
WWII Memorial Fountain (Washington, DC) - DC Night photo series
Canon 20D
Nashville Skyline - Independent Recoding Artist (Ave) on building roof at sunset (Nashville, TN)
The Captain and the Lieutenant - portrait of my father and brother
Canon 20D and Alien Bees 800 Strobes
Nathan - Portrait of my friend and photography mentor
Up on the Roof - Independent recording artist (Ave) on a roof at sunset
Denise - Concrete Magazine (Nashville, TN)
"Flavor of the Month" model
Canon 20D
Killer Mike - Hip-Hop recording artist Killer Mike (Purple Ribbon)
Atlanta, Georgia
Whitney - model (Whitney) posing at Tennessee Titans Stadium Park
Nashville, Tennessee
Canon 20D
Alien Bees 800 Strobes w/ portable generator
Pyro Mania - This photo was taken in the parking lot of my apartment complex (Big Red) in Nashville, Tennessee
Canon 20D
Postcard Photograph of the National Monument - Canon 20D
St. Patrick's Cathedral at Night - Location: New York City
Date: Christmas 2007
Canon 20D
ISO: 800
Hand-held (leaning against brick wall)
Macro Mesh - Macro shot of the mesh from my "trucker hat"
Canon 20D

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