The ability to see the creation and beauty of art in everyday life; the normal and the unusual, is something I find useful in developing artistic ideas and projects. To become a better artist, one must surround themselves and involve themselves in a broad spectrum of human emotion and actions. I graduated from a respected art college with a BA degree. For five years I learned strong design skills and the relevant technology to produce outstanding art pieces. I was immersed in that environment. At the time of my graduation, I chose to take a freelance direction for my career. I chose this route so I could make time for all the things in my life I had neglected in the five years I was in school; surfing, travel, out-rigging, to name a few. Rounding out my life, expanding my focus, helps me in becoming the accomplished and talented artist I wish to become. The world is filled with unimaginable beauty and unforgiving ugliness, and an artist who wants to become successful in their skills must be aware of them. This beauty and ugliness and complexity of life is why my passion and natural talent lies in art. Life holds so many visions. Art allows one to create scenes that cannot exist except in one’s imagination, scenes that make the viewer want to be there. Every project I work on, whether it be a company logo or a fully rendered and animated 3D creative, I put my whole heart and soul into it. I cherish the ability I hold in my hands and in my mind and I cherish each day I live, be it an ugly day or a beautiful day. I consider myself a general artist, which means I have the ability to work on a production team using 2-D and 3-D forms of creativity. I have 8 years experience as a digital artist on all forms, but I also enjoy staying close to my roots and create more traditional forms of fine-art. I have gained a lot of knowledge as a freelance artist. You learn a lot about the business side of professional freelance work; working with a multitude of clients and adapting yourself to their business practices. You learn flexibility and commitment. But freelance work lacks the opportunity to work with other artists, to gain new inspiration and to learn from them. As a committed professional with a strong work ethic, I have the ability to successfully perform the needed responsibilities as a member of any team.

Work Samples

  • Misc. Graphic Design Campaign

  • White Nuckl USA Company campaign

  • Traditional Art and Design

Work History

CONTACT: Owen Hunt (714)943-1228 SUMMARY A professional 2D and 3D artist with over 8 years experience in the freelance media arts industry, including all levels of production and small business ownership, Excellent understanding of design, color, placement, and mediums. A highly self motivated team player skilled in digital media and fine arts. Skills include painting, modeling, texturing (mental ray, software, hardware shaders), lighting, animation and compositing. Excellent reputation and relationships with colleagues and customers. Very excited and able to learn new technologies and artistic styles with the ability to share and transform imagination to life. TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE - Environmental Artist - Conceptual Artist - Matte Painter - Modeling (low and high poly) (polygons and nurbs) - Texturing (normal, bump, specular, shaders) - Lighting - Animating - Video Post Effects and Editing - Production Workflow - Storyboarding - Graphic Designer (logos, illustrations, packaging...etc.) TECHNOLOGIES - Adobe Photoshop (CS5) - Adobe Illustrator (CS5) - Adobe After Effects - Adobe Premier Pro (CS5) - Adobe In-Design (CS5) - Alias Maya (2011) with some knowledge in... Adobe DreamWeaver (CS5) and Vue (digital landscaping). EMPLOYMENT HISTORY (freelance) MIDNIGHT MUNCHEEZ (2008-Present) Costa Mesa, California Chief graphic designer for all marketing paper and digital products. Video production for commercial marketing. Work created using Adobe Creative Suite CS5. CONTACT - Jared Jones (CEO) – (949) 872-8901(mobile) Tan-talizing Custom Airbrush Tanning LLC (2009-Present) Rancho Santa Margarita, California Responsible for product marketing, graphic design. Duties are for the role of Art Director for all printed and web marketing material. Recognition of work and the organization of Tan-talizing Tan recognized on Fox11 News and The Real Housewives of Orange County. Work created using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator. CONTACT - Heather Gerber (CEO) – (949) 241-4614(mobile) FEDERAL SIGNAL TECHNOLOGIES (3M) (2010-Present) Irvine, California Responsible for all digital animation needs. Duties include concept pencil sketches and storyboards to fully rendered 3D animated video production. Programs utilized for this position are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects & Alias Maya. CONTACT - Dave Stewart (Creative Director/Marketing President) (949) 341-0520(office) ADDITIONAL RELEVANT WORK (freelance media design) Mind Over Eye Studios (2009-2011) Santa Monica, California Position was a paid internship with responsibilities consisting of Personal Assistant and Grip (lighting) duties on-set for production filming. Duties also included video editing, film color correcting, 3D scene preparation, 2D Paralax Animation, Rotoscoping, and post-production effects. CONTACT - Andy Dellenbach (Executive Producer) (310) 396-4663(studio Land-line) CCF-CDMA Certification Forum (2007-2011) Boulder, Colorado Responsible for overall design development in North America. Duties included art direction and design direction marketing products for entire company (brochures, banners, illustrations, newsletters, slide presentations website design). All work was created using Photoshop, Maya, In-Design, Illustrator and Adobe Dreamweaver. CONTACT - Sandrine Melfort (Marketing & Communications Consultant) (303) 828-7232 (office) Cirque du Solei (2012-Present) Las Vegas, Nevada Responsible for design over-flow work. (Image manipulation, web banners, web-based marketing design) CONTACT - Jason Issac (Graphic Designer) 702.352.0167 (office) CHUMP Board Company (2011-Present) Dana Point, California Logo/Clothing Illustration, Art Direction CONTACT - Louis Mora (CEO) (949) 230-9141 (mobile) Beau Monde Beauty Boutique (2011-Present) Laguna Beach, California Primary graphic desiger for all marketing products CONTACT - Bonnie Vaccaro (Owner) (949) 715-5766 (shop)


  • The Art Institute of California, Orange County

    • Bachelors Media Arts and Animation
    • 2002 - 2006

    3.5 GPA Graduate and a participant of the Deans Honors List, 2005-2006



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