Good day My name is Paul Byrd AKA PAULAllstar. I have over 12 years professional experience in the graphic arts field. I have done print work with independent, advertising and marketing firms for a wide range of clients. I am not just creative but knowledgeable with current programs used at this moment. I use Adobe CC for most graphic design projects and with a strong understanding of typography, layout, design and creativity to work from a wide range of style I have developed I know I am a match for any project. Besides Graphic design I do Hand Drawn Illustrations, Digital Illustration, Editing with Final Cut Pro / X, Adobe Premiere CC and Motion Graphics with Adobe After Effects and Apple Motion.

Work Samples

  • Samurai Hunter

  • KIng Robot

Work History

Experience Enough Said Productions Graphic design / Illustration / Print and Page layout 06/12/01 to Present as a contractor D.P.W Cleaner greener campaign, D.P.W Pick it up campaign 06/ 14/01 to 07/10/01 and 03/ 06/02 to 04/12/02 The objective to both of these projects were to create print ads that show a cleaner city thru character design mixed with images of schools and landmarks located in San Francisco. The main goal for the designs were to create fun looking but eco conscious characters that will pull junior highand high school students into a program to help keep the streets of San Francisco clean. This project comprised of various print work from bookmarks, Book covers, D.P.W card, posters, banners, bus ads and billboard layouts. My role in this project was to create concepts for characters also handle all print aspects such as design layout and typography. Methods used for both projects were a combination of hand illustration, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign. Def Con 3 Energy Drink 06/ 04/02 to 11/01/02 Def Con 3 is an energy drink created by Russell Simmons Beverages; the project consisted of design and print work. The first part was to create labels for the packaging of the beverage Logo was created with Adobe Illustrator and packaging design was done in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign. For the project I had to make Ads that went into magazines, Different Print materials and in store displays. Def Jam and the Hip Hop Summit 02/ 11/03 to 03/11/03 Main responsibility was to create and design concepts for logo and do print work for the hip-hop summit. The programs used were Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. San Francisco All About The Arts Campaign 09/ 07/03 to 09/14/03 The main objectives for this project was to take images provided by the team and graphically enhance them with effects and color correction for ad spaces and television spots. P.H.A.T Promoting Healthy Activities together Campaign for CANFit Organization. 02/ 01/04 to 03/10/04 Main goal was to create characters to identify with demographics in area to promote healthy eating. I had to create character concepts and then once approved do poster, mailers, cards and package design for video. Team X 03/ 12/04 to 05/12/04 Responsibilities for Team X were to come up with a logo and do print material for the project. The logo was done in freehand Illustration and then traced and cleaned up in Adobe Illustrator. Once done in Illustrator I took it into Cinema 4d to make it into 3d. U.S.G Clothing 05/ 20/04 to Present My goals were to first design the logos for the clothing brand and then come up with concept designs that would be used for merchandise. My other task consisted of doing all print and web work from flyers, web banners to in store ads. Pursuit of Equality 06/ 12/04 to 10/20/06 My many responsibilities for this project included logo concept and design, print material such as banners, posters, mailers, business cards and all media packets and so on. Youth Uprising 07/ 06/06 to Present My responsibilities for this project included logo design, character design and such as banners, posters, mailers, flyers. MAMAS BOY Clothing 02/ 01/ 09 to Present My role in this clothing line is to create various designs for shirts, hoodies, jackets etc. Besides that I am responsible for all print and web materials. Sciortino Design Group 05/ 03/05 to Present as contractor My main objectives at Sciortino Design Group were to mainly work on its major account for the Deagio Corporation with its print materials ranging from concept to design and ad work. And to facilitate on other projects as they come in. mainly print and illustration work. References Youth Uprising Jacky Johnson Public Relations / Project Manager Project Description: Contract work Project was for contract to make print work and logo design for a program towards youth empowerment and education for a facility in Oakland. My role was to create animated characters that fit their demographic of participants that would sign up for their programs. I also did print work for various projects and events for Youth Uprising. Recently working on print material to be put in the Youth Uprising center focused on Oakland musicians, actors etc. Enough Said Productions Michael Shaw Owner Project Description: Contract work Projects done for Enough Said Productions were for print, video and web. Working on such projects ranging from the city of San Francisco‚Äôs Cleaner Greener and Pick it up campaign, Def Jam and the Hip Hop Summit to entertainment, non-profit and corporate identity. My main task for Enough Said Productions was to create designs in print, web and video that have high impact visuals that produce results for a project and its product Sciortino Design Group Rich Sciortino Owner Project Description: Contract work Projects done for Sciotino Design Group were for print, video and web. Allot of the design work done was for manufacturing and apparel websites. Print work such as cards, flyers posters etc. Technical Skills Include: Hand Illustration: sketching, pencil, pen and ink, color pencil, marker, watercolor Graphic Design: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Indesign Logo design, Page layout etc. Other Skills I have some web experience with Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Flash Banner creations. Editing done with Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. DVD Authorizing done with DVD Studio Pro. I also have experience with Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects, Combustion and some 3dCinema 4d. Here you can find links to my Filming, Editing and Motion Graphics from some of my past projects. Here is a project I did for RAVN a social outing site. I did the photoshop composition and Animation Uncle Junior (EXTENDED) Trailer Editing and Mostion graphics Here is a project I did forFlywheel Taxi Service.­RTXfr0 Hey Mickey Sony 4K Film Challenge Napa Valley Fim Festival I did the editing. Damon & Cuomo Hip Hop Summit Editing, photoshop layout and Motion Graphics Video for Herbalife Video, editing, photoshop layout and Motion Graphics LifeBotanica Presentation (WIP) photoshop layout and Motion Graphics Tradeshow Video for (No Audio) Motion Graphics Cabana Doritos Editing. Sample Motion graphic Connect Marketing photoshop layout and Motion Graphics Motion graphic video for Canyon Beachwear photoshop layout and Motion Graphics O2 Motion Video internal / Wall Advertisements photoshop layout and Motion Graphics Internal Screens Wall Video Pipe Spy logo graphic Ascend EXPO I shot and edited the video along with motion graphics



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