Philosophical Vase - Statement: "Design can be a thoughtful reference to the natural world."
My design is emotionally appropriate because of it's visual connection to nature. Organically shaped, it makes direct referneces to nature by sybolizing ice. Functionally,a vase is a vessel for a flower or grouping of flowers to be displayed. Most attention with a typical vase is focused on the flowers.
My solution to the typical vase has been to rethink it as an organic and symbolic object that celebrates it's contribution to the flower as much as carrying out it's typical job of holding it.
Materials: polyester casting resin, blue casting resin coloring, latex brush on mold builder, parafin wax form serving as the first form (which was melted and poured to create a pooling effect).
Donzi Wrist Watches - "Brand Extension" or "Product Extension"

“Brand extension is using the leverage of a well known brand name in one category to launch a new product in a different category.”

Objective:Design a new product that effectively "extends" the brand name into a new market.

Overview: These watches were designed for Donzi Powerboat company to be an extention of their identity as a high performance boat compnay taylored to a high priced customers.
A steep climb in popularity has come as a result of Donzi boats’ resurgence in quality. Donzi boats now regularly have major roles in popular television series like VIP, Nash Bridges, 24, JAG, Providence, and Dawson’s Creek and have starred in numerous big-screen efforts, including Charlie’s Angels, Spy Kids, Heartbreakers, Blood Works, and the upcoming Bad Boys 2. In short, Donzi is back, run by a group who not only understand what the boats represent, but are proud of what they do, and spend each day committed to preserving the heritage.
Zog's Pod Orbital Surfboard Waxer - Concept Model:
This is a palm sized orbital surfboard waxer. It applies surf wax to the top of a surfboard with minimal effort and good coverage. It is extremely portable which means taking it to the beach is not a hassle.
Materials: yellow modeling foam, bondo, and various spray paints.
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Wall Mounted File Hanger - The Wall Mount File Hanger breaks the traditional mold of filing cabinets with its light open design, ease of file access, and wall mounting capability. No more bulky filing cabinets, hard to open drawers, or time spent searching for a certain file. The Wall Mount File Hanger uses 4 screws to fasten it to the wall. Hanging files simply drop into the frame and slide for quick, easy, accessible storage. It is made of 16 gauge cold rolled sheet metal and riveted together.
Seven Alarm Clock
Light Pack (for Light Up The World and Phillips) - The people who live in Afghanistan are extemely poor and currently light their nights with hazardous kerosene or wood fires. We have created a reliable and robust solid state lighting solution which is self contained and can be utilized for years to come.
Goggle Design_Computer Rendering - A goggle design sketched onto paper that was the scanned in and quickly rendered in Photoshop. Linework was done in Illustrator.
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Dandelier - The Dandelier is chandelier that resembles a dandelion.The idea behind the chandelier was to create a modern piece with somewhat re-useable materials. Plastic beverage bottles are common and often not recycled. Instead of throwing them away bottles can be saved and turned into a beautiful addition to a room. Each bottle was stripped of labels and is frosted. White organic paint is then drizzled over the frosted surface to give it a textural appearance and block some ambient light.
Quick-Lift - A universal bicycle work station which changes the way a mechanic currently operates.The work station increases the mechanic's efficiency and safety.To clamp the bicycle the mechanic no longer has to lift it into position.The platform is designed to catch falling metal parts and excess lubricant.Comfort is also addressed by utilizing a removable anti fatigue mat in the base.The mechanic no longer works for the work area because the work area now works for them.

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