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  • Paul Baidatsky

    Communication Designer

    New York, NY

My theory in life, know a little about a lot than a lot about little, whether it comes to art or music. If there is a new exciting path to take, explore, or master, I’ll be the first found in front of a “firing squad” for gathering intelligence. I have years of experience in graphic design, film, & photography fields. I am very dedicated to my work, loyal to clients, and easy going.

Work Samples

  • Rambam Mesivta

  • Sushein Kaiten Sushi Bar & Restaurant

  • Cafe/Bar Eneyida

Work History

Paul Baidatsky 1620 Bay Ridge Ave C6 Brooklyn NY 11204 pbaidatsky@gmail.com 646.642.4385 Accomplishments Bachelor’s Degree of Technology in Communication Design Eight years of experience in Filming & Video Editing field. Eight years of experience in Sales & Consulting. Six years of experience in Graphic Design & Photography Experience 01/10 – Present Creative Director and Consultant at Nikibi Studio & Design (Brooklyn, NY) Consulting our clients and provide design solutions. Handle company accounts and customer support. 01/05 – Present Cinematographer and Designer at Visual Arts Masters (Staten Island, NY) For the past 8 years I have traveled with this company throughout United States filming various performing arts competitions (from ballet to contemporary dance). My responsibilities also include sales and visual solutions. For the first 4 years I was also responsible for post-production. This included video/audio editing and product production. Education BS of Technology in Communication Design, New York City College of Technology/CUNY, New York June 2009 Skills Adobe CS5 Suite Final Cut Pro English, Russian, Ukrainian


New York City College of Technology/CUNY