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The Hypnotic
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The Conductor - With an eagle eye, I conduct art with my computer feeling the flow around me.
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Evolveld Eye - Techno savvy lion web eye, the path to courage.
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Artwork: Do You Trust Me -
Inspired by the song: Blanche - Do You Trust Me?

by Sylvia Pekarek

copyrighted property© 2009
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The Old Crow - Saying I heard inspired me to create this art. “When a dove begins to associate with crows its feathers remain white but its heart grows black”
*photograph,sketch, painter, photoshop
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title: Courage Embrace -
mixed media (water color acrylic, oil) on canvas
18”h. 24" x w.
date: November 11 2011
Embracing courage, with devotion.

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