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  • Jenni-Liisa Yliniva

    Textile Designer

    Rovaniemi, Finland



I'm a textile and print designer, teacher and installation artist from Rovaniemi, Finland. I'm also a member and founder of the multi-talented Lappish art and design co-operative Nonas.
I'm excited about nature: it's phenomena and wide Lappish landscapes aswell as the tiniest creatures one can find at the grassroots level. Ecological values are at the core of my design and art process. Materials are important, the ideas sprout as I touch stuff and play with it. Inspiration starts at the fingertips.
At the moment I'm making my master's thesis at the University of Lapland. I investigate a material-based creative process that included an in depth material exploration with papers and textiles and how to combine the two. I will graduate by the coming summer and thereafter will search for new challenges in the world of art and design.

University of Lapland