From my childhood I was interested in painting so I started my paintings when I was 2 years old. My parents always encouraged me to draw more and more and tried to help me in any way they could.
I went to a private painting class for 15 years. I tried hard to do my best .I drew portraits, nature, flowers & animals... But my focus was on animal drawings the most because I love animals....and after a lot of practicing I have chosen my way & my style....I have chosen my teacher's style which was Symbolism. I like that because it helps me to show my feelings in a way that maybe everybody couldn't understand it....but when you start thinking about the painting you get that there is something hidden in the painting and you try to find it . My teacher was Mrs. Mehrnaz Jalalie Ghajar who helped me to find my way.After some years she tried hard to make me work on abstracts but because I love forms and figures always, so I didn't change my line and continued in Symbolism with real forms.
I hope that you will enjoy my works and you can write me about your opinions ... It helps me to improve my work.