Experienced, passionate, visionary. A believer in win-win, serving customers, and solving problems. My goal is to provide design solutions that excite and delight, drive market-share, differentiate and breed success.

Work Samples

  • Navistar World-Center Industrial Design Facility

  • LoneStar Harley Davidson Special Edition

  • International LoneStar Heavy Highway Tractor Interior

Work History

EXECUTIVE PROFILE:___________________________________________________________ Senior Product Design and Innovation Executive with global experience creating vehicle and product concepts and delivering them through the product development cycle. Over 20 personal and 60 team US Design Patents show proven ability to create unique and desirable concepts. During a ten year period and combined $1b budget spent, led the creative team while working closely with executive champions to redesign an entire vehicle product line and to establish an Innovative and High Performance Brand in the Trucking Industry. These projects were delivered on time and budget and grew commercial success for Navistar while significantly growing the corporate culture and brand image. Additional expertise in building, retaining and directing a winning creative team that worked well as a unit and with adjacent disciplines. Energized by tackling a diverse set of complex challenges and driving design and brand solutions for internal and external customers. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE _____________________________________________________ Founder, JumpStart Creative Services, Naperville, IL - Nov 2013 to Present JumpStart Creative Services is a design consulting team geared toward helping creative design organizations, large and small, who may need support in the front-end of the product development process. JumpStart will assist with deepening experience or key capabilities to comfortably and successfully lead design, provide vision and strategy, build brands, and sustain growth and design relevance for the future. JumpStart specializes in listening to customers and executives, to engineers and manufacturing, to sales and marketing and then combining their often conflicting requirements in to break-through products that help build brands and sustain growth and commercial success. We have a long history of working with executives to define product strategy. We can help paint a vision of success and show the importance of turning up the volume on product development. We have real-world experience in how strong design leads to competitive advantage and Brand Image improvement, an increase in market share and return on investment through a consistent visual product vocabulary and a long-term strategy for product creation. Beyond designing award winning products, JumpStart also has the unique expertise to screen, hire, and evaluate creative staff. Once a candidate is identified, we’ll work with your HR department to onboard the new employees that are essential to building and sustaining your creative team. Sometimes all you need is a JumpStart! Adjunct Professor, Industrial Design, University of Illinois– January 2014 to Present. Team teaching Jr. Level Design Studio Class with emphasis on Design Strategy, Product Emotion, User and Customer Research, Rendering, Presentation, Modeling/Mock-Up and Brand Building. Visiting Professor, Industrial Design, Purdue University – January 2013 to Present. Teaching 8 week classes on the Emotions of Design and real-world Business Practices of Design to Junior Level Design students. These 8 week symposiums cover the elements of what makes products great in the eyes of consumers and how to leverage positive, connected emotions to increase the commercial value of consumer products. In Business Practices of Design we cover Design Research, Quoting, Statement of Work, Tracking Hours, Billing, Legal, General Business Practices, and Client Liaison, all while designing a product defined by an RFQ from a fictitious company. Director, Innovation and Design, Navistar Inc., Lisle, IL – April 2011 to Nov 2013 Reporting to the VP of Vehicle Engineering, with regular liaison to Executive Leadership, was highest ranking Creative within Navistar. Led all aspects of Corporate Industrial Design for all Navistar Brands (International Truck, IC Bus, Monaco and Holiday Rambler RV’s) and Navistar JV’s, including: CAT/Navistar NC2 Company, Mahindra Navistar Automotive Ltd. (MNAL), and Ford Commercial Truck (Blue Diamond Trucks, LLC). Directed a creative team of 30+ with a $3m annual budget. The ID team was tasked with all creative and aesthetic development of vehicle product lines from Graphic Design, Color/Trim Development and Interior and Exterior Shape/Form Creation. The ID team also provided Clay and Digital Sculpting and Final Surface Release to Engineering and down-stream users in a highly collaborative environment. Some key accomplishments during this period were designing and coordinating the building of the new $3.5m design center at the new Lisle, IL Corp. headquarters and retaining, hiring, and transitioning the design team to its new home while staying engaged and delivering to program timing and budget requirements. Led partnership with Navistar Marketing Communications to engage ID’s digital sculpting resources to save ~$1.5m annually to create marketing, advertising, and web visual content by leveraging existing production math interior and exterior surface. Chief Designer, Industrial Design, Navistar Inc., Ft Wayne, IN – November 2002 to April 2011 As Chief Designer reporting to the Director of Body Systems Engineering led and coordinated regular interfacing with the executive “Truck Industrial Design Committee” and the VP’s of Marketing/Brand Development and Vehicle Engineering. With these executive sponsors helped establish and maintain the Brand and Product Identity for the Truck and Bus Product Lines through excellent and appropriate design solutions. Held executive meetings, developed high-level plans and guidelines for maintaining Brand and Product Design continuity, and championed these initiatives within the company and Functional Engineering to assure a strong and lasting Brand Image. In addition, during this period, Navistar Industrial Design added the responsibility for the Interior and Exterior design of all Ford Commercial Trucks as part of the Ford/International Joint Venture: Blue Diamond Trucks, LLC, added responsibility for the Mahindra Navistar Automotive Ltd. (MNAL) Global Truck JV as well as supporting CAT Industrial Design on Caterpillar Corp’s. new Global endeavor to create a line of On-Off Highway Truck products. Some accomplishments during this timeframe were building a global design team in India to lead the MNAL JV in product design and working with Harley Davidson to create a unique special edition LoneStar that would capture the attributes to appeal to a select few prestige customers and dealers . Additionally; working with the CAT start-up and design teams provided great insight in to building and protecting a “Mega-Brand” and understanding the formation of a new division within an established corporation. Manager, Body Systems Technologies, Navistar International, Ft Wayne, IN – February 2000 to November 2002 Reporting to the Director of Body Systems Engineering, managed the Industrial Design function, as well as Ergonomics Engineering and Aerodynamics Engineering. Led the Body Tech Management Staff as we worked to support Functional Engineering with Design and Technical Criteria development in support of major product programs. In addition to administration of budgets, manpower, testing, and capital procurement, the Body Tech Leadership team worked with customers, suppliers and technology providers to enhance the Human Resource and Technical capabilities of the department to better serve our internal and external customers. Major accomplishments during this period were to further enhance the Brand Image for Navistar and International by designing and preparing to launch the International ProStar product and the International LoneStar product that would become the crown jewels for the International Brand and round-out the on-highway truck segment for the company, increasing prestige and desirability of the products. Manager, Industrial Design, Navistar International, Ft Wayne, IN - November 1994 to February 2000 Reporting to the Director of Body Engineering directed all aspects of Interior, Exterior, and Graphic Design content for all International Brand Medium and Heavy Truck Products and the IC Bus product line. Managed group of 12 Designers and Model Makers on site plus the additional Design efforts of Suppliers and Outside Consultants. Managed all Design Project Planning and a department budget of approximately $2 Million annually. Managed everyday operations including Design Direction, Staff Supervision, Budgets, Capitol Planning and department interface with Engineering, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Corporate Executives. Planed and coordinated Quarterly Executive Reviews of ongoing product programs with Platform Teams and the Product Development Group. The products designed by the ID Team during this period formed the backbone for the future Brand and Styling DNA of the entire product line for Navistar. Those new products created significant market-share and financial growth for the company while shoring up customer satisfaction and enhancing the positive image for the company and its Dealer Organization. Staff Industrial Designer, International Harvester Co, Ft Wayne, IN - May 1984 to November 1994 Reporting to the Manager of Industrial Design developed increasing involvement in all aspects of Interior, Exterior, Graphic Design, Concept Development, and Production Design for entire truck & bus product lines. Worked extensively with Clay Modelers, Engineers, and Suppliers to establish cost effective design solutions for production programs. Served on Cross Functional Design Teams utilizing QFD, DFMA, and other Quality Tools to better establish design goals and to understand and deliver to customer expectations.


  • Purdue University, West Lafayette IN

    • BA Industrial Design
    • 1978 - 1982





IDSA Student Merit Award for outstanding Senior, May 1982 IDSA Silver IDEA Award, Navistar "IDEA Truck", 1991 Supported and led CAT/Navistar team who achieved the IDSA IDEA Award, CAT C660 Truck, 2012 Recipient of over 20 US Design Patents: 1987 to Present