Laser Marking Machine -
Our client wanted a machine with a very high technology, quality and value appearance. We achieved this through simple geometric shapes and muted metallic colours
Lobby Enquiry Terminal -
A free standing unit located in the entrance lobby of businesses and hotels etc. It allows visitors or guests to check in/out more efficiently by not having to use the manned reception desk.
Metallurgical Microscope - A high resolution laboratory microscope for metallurgical analysis, and also other material science.
PLC Microcontroller -
An industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) used to perform switching, timing, and machine or process control tasks.
Railway Inspection Equipment -
This equipment is carried by railway engineers to monitor, record and communicate important track-side data to head office. Repair work is then targeted according to this information.
Textile Coating Machine -
This process equipment applies a controlled thickness of specialised coatings onto textile, to improve its properties in service.
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Biomass Gasification System - A carbon-neutral heating and cooking system for off-mains homes in rural China. It burns waste plant and organic materials to provide a predominantly CO2 free synthetic gas that's suitable for cooking and heating and crucially, one that burns much cleaner than natural gas or fossil fuels.

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