A lecturer once told me that once you start thinking about Design in the right mind set that it will never leave you. I feel that over the past two years it has grown to consume every thought I have. From a young age I always was interested in how products are conceived, designed and built. Over the past 6 years I have really refined my understanding of the processes and techniques that are used to bring a product from concept through to completion. I am currently searching for a job in a creative environment where i can utilise and refine the skills that I have learned to create new and exciting concepts and products. I am currently working on a couple of small scale 3D printed products to add to my portfolio as well as working on International Design Competitions to showcase some of the skills that I have learned and look forward to using as a part of a Design Team.

Work Samples

  • Peroni/Alessi Finalist 2013

  • Water Bottle Concept 2014

Work History

Oakley Design Disruptors Short List 2014 (Design Boom) Deutsche Bank Short List 2014 (Design Boom) Heineken Ideas Brewery Finalist 2013 Alessi / Peroni Finalist 2013 Work Displayed at Ireland Design Week 2013


  • University of Ulster

    • Honours 3D Design
    • 2004 - 2008

    3D Design Interior Design Product Design Furniture Design



Deutsche Bank Future Banking Finalist 2014 Heineken ideas brewery Finalist 2013 Peroni Alessi Finalist (Ireland Design Week) 2013