As a Conceptual Designer I provide visual ideas and aesthetics of a film for directors and production designers. This includes environment and set designs as well as character, costume, creature, prop illustration and picture vehicles. Recently Peter Popken has been working as a Conceptual Designer on films such as THOR, WRATH OF THE TITANS, or Disney's PRINCE OF PERSIA. His work spans more than 30 films and was nominated several times by the Art Directors Guild for Excellence in Production Design. For more information please visit the homepage:

Work Samples

  • Portfolio

  • BLACK IDOL, Volume 1, graphic novel

Work History

Filmography 2012 Thor: The Dark World 2011 Cloud Atlas 2010 Wrath of the Titans 2010 The Three Musketeers 2010 Hugo Cabret 2010 Unknown White Male 2009 Your Highness 2009 Black Death 2008 Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 2008 Ninja Assassin 2007 Robin Hood 2007 Speed Racer 2006 Children of Men 2005 V for Vendetta 2004 Aeon Flux 2003 The Bourne Supremacy 2003 King Arthur 2003 Around The World In 80 Days 2002 Borgia 2001 Iceplanet 1999 Help I´m A Fish 1998 Heavy Metal 2000


University of Applied Science



The Art Directors Guild Award for "HUGO", Excellence in Production Design, category: period films