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should we be using paper for more things? - An extract from exploratory research experimenting with Origami designs. The penguin design shown is by Eric Joisel who produced some phenomenal pieces during his lifetime. I find this simple design elegant, with an intriguing pleated fold that creates a compound curved 3D shape. I explored repetition of the design - varying colour and scale. This page was composed as cover art for the project.
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selection from research -
A selection of exploratory research.

Bottom right: looking at the emotional response to making origami.
Top right: Experiments with scale - real size penguin model.
Top centre right: Experiments with scale - mock-up of real size dinosaur model.
Top centre left: Applying everyday day patterns to origami models.
Bottom centre left: Looking at packaging character.
Left: Experiments with different origami and packaging designs.
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speaker concept - A simple idea, a popup portable speaker that folds flat. Inspired by and mimicking a portable guitar amps. The idea was from a origami base (waterbomb) combined with packaging details to make a popup design.
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popup speaker mockup - A quick mock up of the idea. This simple working prototype illustrates the concept.
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phone stand concept - This concept came out of combining a personal need for a convenient phone stand, and a means of making a business card more memorable - giving it a practical use.
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phone stand mockup - A business card that folds into a phone stand made out of a single piece of card.

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