NOW: freelancer in product, industrial and transport design or architecture. Happy to provide its services to companies to employ or leave the main employment. I am willing to relocate for work anywhere in the world - I am adventurous :-) or not against the beginning of the work over the Internet.

Work Samples

  • transport design

  • product design

  • office

Work History

name: Petr Kubik e-mail: nationality: Czech Date of birth 22/05/1980 Education 2004 - 2009: Brno University of technology - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering - department of Industrial Design 1999-2004 Brno Faculty of Civil Engineering Work experience work for VF work for FAB (produce cars key) work for Centropen (firm produce writing materials) many independent projects (architecture) work for architecture studios teamworker for designing interior of aeroplane Awards one of 11 finalist of Roca Jump The Gap winner in MID competition for Intel 3rd place - FAB-FACEA competition - carkey for Audi the best students project of south Moravia country (architecture) skills: - industrial design - architecture design 3D software (I can work with this soft): AliasStudio - I like it :-) HyperShot Maxwell ImageStudio Rhinoceros3d Poser Cinema4D Archicad Art-lantis clay modeling by hand 2D: Photoshop Illustrator Indesign CorelDraw Dreamweaver AutoCad Office freehand sketching sketching with wacom tablet