I see my job as a tirelessly run to find the perfect synthesis between several targets. My efforts are always focused on finding the right formula to combine user's experience, manufacturability, smart functionality and technological innovation. Searching and testing are the two instruments I assume as fundamental for all my projects. I always try to achieve the goal following a scientific method and learning from my mistakes, without being afraid to get my hands dirty!

Work Samples

Work History

  • Apprenticeship in R&D department

    The apprenticeship in Tenortho was a very exciting and stimulating experience in a little but absolutely lively italian manufacturing company.
    I was so excited to be involved for the first time in the whole manufacturing process of several industrial products.
    I could investigate all the fundamental aspects in the development of an orthopedic brace.
    First of all the proper choice of the raw materials, which must always match the right level of quality required by the market with the technological properties imagined during the concept.
    I discovered a whole universe of materials, such as fabrics, yarns, tapes and wearable devices, that deeply fascinated me. I think all people studing to become industrial designers should have the possibility to explore this universe since the beginning of the accademic course, it would be a very powerful source of inspiration.


  • Politecnico Milano

    • Masters degree Design & Engineering
    • 2011 - 2013

    This second level degree helps me to achieve a closer view on the techonlogical aspects regarding feasibility and usability of products. Laboratories focused on techincal details and industrial process realistic prevision. For this reason we dealed mainly with product characterized by an high technology level. The theoric courses were about industrial process, mechanical, physical and chemical properties of materials, both traditional and most innovative ones.

  • Politecnico Milano

    • Bachelor's degree Industrial design
    • 2008 - 2011

    The design laboratories allowed me to develop a scientific method and to achieve a personal interpretation of the design process, being aware of the various elements which define the industrial product's characteristics. This awareness has been supported by several theoric courses regarding the main elements of the design culture: materials properties; study of the past examples in history; 2D and 3D representation skills; market analysis.