Expertise in planning and design of commercial and residential projects

Work Samples

  • Cento TRADE Co. Architect: Mehrdad Vahidian

  • Sadra Tower -Office Building 2008 Architect- Mehrdad Vahidian

  • Hashemie Residental Tower 2007 Architect- Mehrdad Vahidian

Work History

Al Zahra Islamic Center Apartment Building in 7t Tir Apartment Building in Udalsova str. Moscow Azadi Cinema Complex Fadjr****Hotel Geloogah Residental complex Harat trade center Hashemie Towers I.O.B.E (Centeral Office) Karim khan 5stars Hotel Kasani shopping center Moscow Stars`alley Pastor Shopping center Residental complex in Slov Sadra Office Building Shabestan Hotel Shargh Zist(Hotel & Com. Center) Hashemie Residental complex Sadra 2 Office Building Cento Head Office Cento Office Building Falcon of Dubai in Zaabeel Park Benetton Multistorey Buildings in Tehran Tabarsi Hotel


Moscow State Academy of Architecture