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Work History

By the age of 5 i started to sketch comics books and decided to be an architect, but in 1991, thankfully, decided entered the university of art and design, finishing my degree in graphic design by 1996. Working professionally since then, i develop my creative skills working in several national and multinational design studio companies, like Ogilvy Design - part of Ogilvy Worldwide and WPP - were i worked for 54 months (2000-2004) as senior designer and team leader, exploring all design areas (branding, editorial, packaging, product, retail, etc.) keeping a close relation with advertising, developing creative design solutions for a variety of clients, such as Cisco Sistems, Ford, Nestlé, HP, Europcar, Johnson/Johnson, Xerox, Renault, etc.. Before, experienced the goods and bads of being a creative director at SerDesign (1998-2000), leading a team of great designers, promoting team work and a successfull direction that was recognized by the market. People Connection (2004-2008) was my personal project, a small design studio in Lisbon, a place were i had the opportunity to enrich myself professionaly and personally, forced to organise my work, responsabilities along with fun and artistic pleasure. With a small team of 5 designers, i implemented several branding, retail and design projects across the country with great visibility. By September 2008, Fitch Doha was the new challenge, and since i joined the studio, my goal is to develop brand design solutions that can be implemented in Qatar and the Middle Eastern region. As a senior designer, i am currently creating and implementing brands for Qatar, Kuwait, Dubai and Egypt, coordinating designers in parallel projects. Whenever possible, i spent time doing experiments on painting and scuptures of recicle objects, aside from graphical and typographical explorations. Passioned about the sea and nature, i love to ride a bike down a hill or put his headphones and jump into a snowboard and surf over the white snow on the winter. Generally i disklike any kind of cheese, waiting for luggage in airports and raining days. As movie freak, i spent a few hours a day in front of tv but also enjoy digital photography, drawing, cooking, 80’s music and all things retro. Being a friend lover, i always have time and a smile for everyone. I enjoy to travel around the world (from europe to India, north africa and middle east) but always fond by Lisbon.