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CLUB HOUSE - Accessibility
- Staircase , Elevator , Ramp, Emergency exit
- Consistent layout and different floor texture at entrances on all floors to aid the blind
- Space for wheelchair movement
- Heights of counters to aid wheelchair users and people suffering from dwarfism
- Braille maps and signage
- Lift usage for disabled through liftman and signage
- Blinds and curtains provided for people with light-sensitivity
- Fire Extinguishers on all floor entrances

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CLUB HOUSE - FRONT VIEW - Environment friendly

- Windows to allow good ventilation
- Interior landscaping to keep it cool
- Intelligent sensor based lighting
- Solar panels on roof
- Rainwater harvesting
- Grey water management
- Sensor based taps
- Grancrete for construction
- Simple and open construction with minimal walls (less material usage)

- interactive sculptures in passages and open spaces:
- scaled up Channapatna toys, abacus , rotating and musical sculptures
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- 40’ x 40’ on the Ground floor
- Automatic doors
- Provision for washing and changing for kids
- Small pool with slide and flow generator
- Tree house made from bamboo
- Walking track 5 feet wide for parents while the kids play
- Small garden to play in / sit in
- Open roof to enjoy the rain
- A sand pit and Swings
- Wheel chair parking space
- Water from rain water harvesting used for the pool
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- Walking space : 6.5 ‘ wide
- Windows to allow natural light.
- Provision for blinds / bamboo chicks
- Interactive sculptures
- Signage Embossed on walls
- Floor maps embossed on each floor
- Sharp turns avoided. Walls with smooth curvature
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- 40'x20'
- First floor above the reception
- Book rack 7’ high with storage on top
- 5 ‘ high book rack with books in braille for the blind and kids section
- CD rack with audio and e-books
- Movie CDs with subtitles for the hearing impaired
- Globes, maps, abacus for reference
- Book sections mentioned in braille as well
- Computers with JAW software and headphones
- Rocking chairs for the elderly
- Swing for people with autism

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LIBRARY - TOP VIEW - - Seating with storage beneath. Can Lie and read on it (6’ L x 3’ B x 1.5’ H)
- Corner with bean bags to hold some discussions
- Solar powered study lamps
- Solar powered mobile chargers (small panels near the playground window)
- Rectangular windows which can open (to allow circulation and avoid air conditioning)
- Study tables to accommodate wheel chairs
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- 40’ x 20’ plus 40’ x 10’ balcony
- First floor next to the gym
- Various activities possible :
Music, Dance, Stuff toy making, Paper mache, Origami, Story telling, Drawing, Painting, Craft work etc
- No fixed tables and chairs inorder to allow wheel chair movement
- Display area for the items made by kids
- Balcony for kids and adults to sit and paint in
- Notice board for activities
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- On the second floor
- Open restaurant
- Space can also be used for various activities :
- Yoga
- Aerobics
- Dinner parties
- Cooking classes
- Celebrations
- Dance parties
- Dance classes
- Karate classes
- Barbecue parties
- Team lunch
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RESTAURANT, BAR, COFFEE SHOP - - Entrance through ramp also provided besides the stairway and the elevator
- Space for wheelchair users in all working areas (bar, coffee shop, kitchen, barbeque)
- Play area for kids
- Fixed furniture avoided so as to allow wheelchairs to be accomodated
- Seating with cover incase of rain
- 4 seaters and 2 seaters
- Height adjustable bar stools
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KITCHEN - - 40’ x 10’
- Solar panels on top of Kitchen
- Dry and Cold storage
- Consideration for both left and right handed
- One cooking workspace with stove that is not fixed to the table. In the case of a person on wheelchair, you can change the table to a lower one and put the stove on it
- Three separate work stations and a vegetable cutting area
- Working triangle applied : storage -> basin -> workstation
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GROUND FLOOR PLAN - Ground Floor Plan

1 Entrance
2 Reception
3 Waiting area
4 Playarea
5 Staircase
6 Ramp entrance from inside
7 Ramp entrance from outside
8 Elevator
9 Sports Complex
10 Gents Toilet with bath
11 Swimming Pool
12 skating ring
13 Basket ball court
14 Lawn Tennis court
15 Entry to Swimming pool
16 Entry to outdoor games
17 Ladies Toilet with bath
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FIRST FLOOR PLAN - 1 Ramp entrance
2 Ramp exit
3 Smoking area
4 Elevator
5 Staircase
6 Library room
7 Activity room
8 Gym
9 Ladies Toilet
10 Gents toilet
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SECOND FLOOR PLAN - 1 Playground roof
2 Ramp entrance
3 Smoking area
4 Elevator
5 Staircase
6 Entertainment room
7 Conference room
8 Restaurant seating
9 Barbecue
10 Play area
11 Coffee shop & billing
12 Bar
13 Kitchen
14 Hand wash
15 Ladies Toilet
16 Gents toilet

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