I Studied Industrial Design at University of Ningbo. I have 2 years experience in design field(Design Research, Design Consulting, Product Design, Environment Design etc.)

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Work History

Qiubo Wang E/wangqiubo1105@hotmail.com EDUCATION: 2007-2011 Industrial Design,Department of industrial design,Ningbo University,Ningbo City,Zhejiang Province,China. RELEVANT COURSEWORK: NOVA industrial design Shanghai Co., LTD(Shang Hai) 2009.3 ~ 2009.12. Ningbo De Teng Internship Industrial Design Co., Ltd. Work include: design research, design analysis, product design, etc. 2010.5 ~ 2010.8. Shanghai GEO Industrial Design Co., Ltd. (Japan Branch in China) Internship. Work include: design research, design analysis, product design, etc. 2010.10 ~ 2010.11 With the Netherlands Saxion University of designers work together to complete the three-piece kitchen items Olin Corporation Work: design research, design analysis, product design, etc. 2010 Ningbo University, Department of Industrial Design as innovation and entrepreneurship group studio RELEVANT WORK: 2009 ~ 2011, I successfully completed the Zhejiang Provincial Education Department research projects, projects for the students in Zhejiang Province science and technology innovation projects, research projects and by the Department of Education and given the amount of 20,000RMB in funding. PAPERS "Product design information and its communication system," an article in the December 2009 National Art Design Journal "Art and Design" theory edition published, ISSN: CN11-3909 / J ISSN1008-2832 "On the Aesthetic Education of the University," a paper journal at the provincial level, "EDUCATION ARTICLE," 2009, a monthly out, ISSN: ISSN1672-7894 CN34-1274 / G SOFTWARE: Rhinoceros/Proe/V-ray /HyperShot/Photoshop /Corel Draw/Illustrator/Auto Cad AWARDS AND ACHIEVEMENTS Ningbo University in 2008 received the first prize TV logo design Zhejiang Province in 2009 was awarded the first Bronze Industrial Design Contest 2010, won the third Tianshou National Bronze and stationery design competition Design Excellence Award Journal of Family feelings in 2010 won the first prize and second class product design award competition 2010 won the "2010 Furniture Design Competition" Award of Excellence Sixth in 2010, Dongguan Cup International Industrial Design Competition Finalist Cixi Cup won in 2010 Appliance Design Competition Award of Excellence Ningbo in 2010 won the "treasure Flute Cup" Toy Design Competition Bronze 2010, won the fifth competition of industrial design of hardware products in China Finalist PATENTS 7 patents in 2010 authorized Circular stapler function (appearance patent) (2010.7 has authorized has been publicized), patent number: 200930153863.2 A rotary plug (utility model) (2010.8 has been authorized), patent number: 201020167207.5 A wire can rotate the plug (utility model) (2010.8 has been authorized) Patent No.: 201020167206.0 Type torch with a self-generating sports cup (utility model) (2010.8 has been authorized) Patent No.: 201020167214.5 A table with a trash can (utility model) (2010.9 has been authorized), patent number: 201020167167.4 Can carry more than a small glass cup (utility model) (2010.10 authorized), patent number: 201020167211.1 Retractable trash (utility model) (2010.10 authorized), patent number: 201020167212.6 For more information or question, please feel free to email me at :wangqiubo1105@hotmail.com


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