These screenshots (intentionally blurred) are from a game I am in the process of making. I came up with the concept and game design and am doing the interactive and visual design as well as creating content sets. I am working with a developer who will code it. We are building it to work on multiple devices including tablets, mobile phones, and desktop.
Music Animation Toy - Play different animation sequences to music. Next step is to create a game with it. I designed, animated, built, coded this piece. PLEASE PLAY WITH THIS HERE:
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Toysite Memory Game: This mini-game was part of a larger (now defunct) site called Toysite. I did the game design, interaction design, art direction, building and coding for this game.
There were multiple dance animation in this project (not created by me) and it was running too slowly to work well. I optimized the art and the animations by 25% and that made it a workable site. Also optimized the still illustrations.
Nintendo's Pokemon Learn to Play Demo. Coded this which included: forward and reverse scrubbing for the user along the animation, sound controls, closed captioning, and glossary. Additionally, I helped edit and re-write voice over script and did 50% of the animation.
Built sections of this site. Optimized illustrations.
A very simple toy for "painting" very blocky art pieces. I designed, coded and built it.
This game was built to help train new employees. It was meant to be used interactively with a trainer and new hires so they could learn more about the company and what work we had done. I designed, built, and coded it. I worked with a sound producer to create the sounds.

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