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silver products - hands on experience in silver !! was great fun.
the concept was to use basic processes in silverware and come up with intersting stuff in jewellery.
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paper jewellery. - a definite croud puller for your next party!!!
the neck piece gets lit when it is worn. unconventional use of paper as a material for jewellery. hand made paper stained with coffee. the basic idea was to accentuate the translucency and the texture of the paper.this was achived by inserting small lights inside the cones.
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~ETHENO~ - Designed furniture for development project in turned wood craft of Sankheda, Gujarat. The focus was to strengthening the existing capacity of craftsmen, product diversification, refinement of aesthetics and detailing to improve quality.
designed a joinery using triangulation of three members, which can be further used to develop various other products.

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the 'Palette' - 'Palette' is a snack plate inspired from a palette.
in a buffet party, how do you hold a plate, eat and carry a glass of wine at the same time??
well, here's the solution.
the 'palette' is further developed to hold a glass of wine.
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::Twin:: - the 'Twin' is one of the leather bags developed for the Tata International Ltd. for the UK market.
a party bag ' twin' gives you two different looks to match your dress !

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