Tool kit for Cricket Umpire - The project aimed at designing a Portable tool kit for cricket umpire for use in the field. The Umpires necessaties like cricket rules book, pen, small note book, light meter, a ball passer to check the deformity of the ball, a hammer, emery paper to remove the shine on the ball, a blade to cut the threads coming out from the ball and marbles to count the number of balls.

The proposed tool kit consisted of a digital diary for as an easy mode for looking in to the rules and as an alternative for pen and paper. A light meter, ball passer for checking the deformity of the ball, emery paper stand for rubbing to remove the shine on the ball, a thread picker to pick thread coming from the ball and a hammer to place the wickets. It contains a kit to carry the tools and the tool kit can be hung to the waist.
Lichromasys: The System for Liquid Chromatography - Liquid chromatography is a process of separation of different liquids by their rates of elution. It is a separation based on gravity, which uses the equipments detector, recorder, fraction collector, liquid column, magnetic shear and a solvent chamber.

Attempt was made to design a system that is cheaper and efficient not ignoring the functional constraints gravity and placement of solvent chambers
Assignments - understanding Elements of Design

Movement and Stability and
Perception of Depth.

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