Robust industrial design experience, conceptual and graphic.

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Work History

JOSE RAMON generally approaches tasks, projects and assignments as a "solver" of problems. It has a strong tendency towards management and towards specialization. It is highly reliable, very disciplined and precise, it also has the ability to evaluate the facts in a logical and systematic. It addresses the issues and assignments deeply and in detail. JOSE RAMON prefers to operate on the basis of facts and data, but can go beyond it and thus show creative thinking. It is logical and analytical in their approach to problems and likes to understand the real causes of problems and events. JOSE RAMON not issues easily disoriented him out of focus and want to see "proof" or a "story logic" before committing to a plan or proposal. JOSE RAMON is a somewhat reserved and measured carefully and think things are likely to be serious apparent. Relationships based on trust and, therefore, it may take time to trust others. JOSE RAMON looking for sincere friendships and how to differentiate your friends you know. Enjoy working alone planning, thinking and problem solving. Also work well in small groups and teams. JOSE RAMON not always feel comfortable in large groups, especially if the group consists of people who do not know. Perseverance and determination are key qualities JOSE RAMON. Stick to the rules and have considerable respect for authority.


Universidad de Monterrey Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon (Fac. Arquitectura)