ACC Craft - American Craft Council is an excellent client with and understanding of design. They do provide great photos for you to work with. The photos almost never have anything to do with the crafts sold by their vendors. This is what I call stretching brand. I managed to fit in a couple of items.
AAEG - This was the first year for AAEG with Shepard Expo. The Headers are mostly in Vector with the paint marks done in Illustrator.
AAEG 2 - Second year of AAEG. Less Funky more Urbane.
Art Miami - All Vector in Illustrator. This is the enterance unit so the legs of this arch are approx. 93 inches tall.
American Institute of Architecture- Mondrian Style - The Architechs wanted me to reflect a structural style. I went with a structural "Mondrian" style and they loved it. I was very proud of this one.
Interior Window Coverings Expo (IWCE) - These prints were ten feet tall. The major parts of the background all had to be seamless.
Graphics for GE exhibits - Working with Elite Exhibits during this time.
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Ultrasound GE - Application of the Blend tool. It came out great!
NRECA - They asked for the "Clean" look. So they got water. Again, the client was happy and so was I.
Interior Window Coverings Expo (IWCE) - Small sign from IWCE (second year)
Southern Home and Gardens - The logo was made out of two clip arts I found. The rest is an extension of that idea.
SNM Project for GE Health Care - The exhibit is printed on vinyl wich is applied to wood planks and fitted into the metal frame work
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GE Medical Vector Background - Set for five pannels
North American Shoe and Accessory Market Template - This is a cousin of the Shoe Show called SEST. Good work with the circle motif.
Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - Two years of visuals for SETAC. The first is an Electron Microscope and the second was an environmental message.
Typical Meter Board - Media Motion is one of those repeating clients. Every time it is a completely different theme.

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