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Pixel illustration - This is a pixel artwork I did in the beginning of my history. I can now say it's really weired and unnatural, but, back then I was so excited with the completion.
'Noritel' is the title of this 2D life simulation game, and I only remember that the pixel work had almost burnt my eyeballs.
I would never ever redo this again now because I am really truly gutted with the pixels.
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Illustration board for investor - A fun project. I would do it again if someone invest some more budget on it. However under one condition: each and every member should be loaded up together. The folks were all working together closely, filled with the same passion.
The project has gone already and the quality of the image is not that good but still it makes me feel happy just looking at.
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Illustration 2004 - I pursuit a fun that anyone and everyone could equally enjoy. The project was fun, but it was a pain in my a** working under a Curious director.
This man put his own success over the welfare of the project. He was, to say, a complete snob who rather used teammates as devices in order to achieve his own reason; no single respect to the project.
He'd need to know that a real success would not be achieved on his own... poor man...
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Illustration 2005 - One and only successful casual baseball game in Korea, and I did the concept sketchs and illusts. I enjoyed working in this company apart from a single person I met as a disaster.
Met many good people, and had many good experiences.
I had to leave all those good people including the boss behind to move on to another company and project which wanted me much more.
Well the world is not too big and we will see again, I believe.
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mechanics illustration(1) - I do things if I want to do them, even if it is not in the working hours. This is a mechanic illustration I drew in working hours, which actually had originated from the main mechanic of a very famous Korean robot animation from 70-80's, called "Taekwon V".
I grabbed the pen with a mind that I would re-design it with a bit of modern taste, but... it doesn't hit the mind.
Perhaps I've seen too many Japanimations...?
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mechanics illustration(2) - Illustrations I tried to depict scenes that would come up in animations. There were some like this in "Gundam series" of Japan in the past.
Suprising how long a childhood memory could last for.
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Characters image board - Making a character concept with a natual body presentation is a headache-carrying homework that all concept designers should carry for their lives. Especially someone like me who has a long way to go.
Some monster-ous designers are good at this.

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None title.. - I like cars. Though I own a rubbish one, when I look at sportcars with beautiful silhuoettes I get to think the designers who created them are just so "Wow".
The engine whirring sound of Porsche 911 is more than special to me, it's like why people so love the uniqueness of Harley Davidson's exhausting noize coming out of tan inefficient 3-cylinder engine.
Yeh! Me mate's got a air-cooling 911.
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Casino girl - Alongside making number of Casino games, I've actually been to Reno, America - shame it wasn't Lasvegas. Well sure there weren't lasses like this.
This girl's only created in my imagination... though I don't know why I do this.
If girls like this stay aside on me I'd bet for any sh*t and becom skint. (And she'd walk away to fish for another geek)
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unknown godness - Goddess, may be the greatest motif letting men to know the maternal affection.
Do you feel that in this piece of work? If so I have succeed.
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Traditional korean gamblers - There's this 'HWATOO' in Korea somewhat resembles Western card games. Well there also is bettings so they actually count it as a gamble but often a small scaled black floor would be allowed within a family in Korea. My company had given me a project of making a card game not too long ago and I tried to maximize the virtuality of gamble here... my judge is like "not too bad."
How long is it going to take to score "Perfect!" to myself?
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Monster illustration - Scene illustrations for another side-scrolling action game. Does that look like a boss mob? Then a relief.
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character promotion image board - This character and sub images will be attach to open time when project to services start by provider.
it probably open next month.

it was so hardly work. huuuu.........
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Magumagu 2005 - This stuff was used brand marketing at 2005
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Self designing characters 2011
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A Background concept for dividing areas 2011
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A piece of pixel doodling for refreshing. Many people is recently intend to think of Pixel Art is a Old fashion. Yah maybe.. but I still love it. and still has a big pie piece of customer for games.

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