Graduate in Industrial Design and founding partner of the company "Bugs and Plush" where I apply my knowledge of both graphic and industrial design to create the iconic Art Toy characters, the company currently also develops another type of art-object such as decorative ceramic pieces, modular sculptures and cuckoo clocks made out of lightweight materials. I started my career in the jewelry industry and since then he has developed both industrial and graphic design, realizing projects from stands, packaging and bicycle stations, to textile design, sports uniforms, posters and corporate image. My personal goals have led him to participate in different events and contests where my creativity could be put to the test. In 2013 I was the winner of the 120 year contest Celebrating Diversity of Cerveza Indio (National Beer Company), where two labels of his creation were chosen to be placed nationally in over 16 million beer bottles. Three years later winning the same achievement in 2016 with my Monarch Butterflies label. I have taken part in various competitions by private companies and museums, such as the unique Steam Punk disguise in Batman's 75th Year anniversary for Warner Latin America or the adorable Snoopy figure, receiving awards and industry recognition for the pieces presented by METLIFE and MUMEDI Museum In July 2015, Victorinox and the public selected one of my designs to be produced in the limited collection Swiss Classic 2015, along with 9 other designs from the rest of the world. Not only was I the first Mexican to win but my design was the best seller for that given year. For the second time one of my designs was selected to be produced in the Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017, along with 9 other designs from the rest of the world. Which should be sold worldwide around july of 2017.


Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2017 / Victorinox Classic Limited Edition 2015 / 1 of 25 artists to redesign Batman Bust for its 75th Anniversary

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