I Studied Industrial Design(BA) at Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), in Monterrey, Nuevo León, México. I been working on new product development and point of purchase field since 1998, using processes like 3D modeling, CNC machinery, vacuum forming, screen and digital printing, manual tools, etc.

Work Samples

  • Proyecto Servicar

  • Strongbow Cooler

  • Modulo Deli

Work History

2012. Working as a freelance designer, in projects of industrial and graphic design, and some special orders. 2011. Worked as Senior designer in the product development for point of purchase field, using 3D modeling, renders an animation to develop the clients idea, and transform that idea in a working product. 2006. Worked as a free lance in industrial and graphic projects. 2002. Worked as junior designer on the P.O.P displays field. 1998. Worked as industrial designer in the metal-mechanic area.