i have a very strong interest in sculpture, prosthetics creation, concept development and design work. I have experience in: Sculpture techniques, detailing and texturing Life casting:clean up and mounting Moulding life casts in silicone Producing positives in fibreglass, plaster and fast cast resin. Sculpting and moulding basic appliances. Casting appliances in gelatin and silicone Prosthetic application.

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  • concept art

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E-mail: rgurney@live.co.uk Personal Profile Personal Statement Experience working to commercial deadlines with various materials and within various contexts. Have developed numerous sculpting and moulding techniques through practical and academic projects. Adept at armature building, body work, concept design, manufacturing and scale work. Have cultivated a broad skill spectrum through various roles in construction, concept design and manufacturing. Career Objective To apply and continue to develop my skills in sculpting and model making with a progressive organisation which retains work from a broad spectrum of clients. Ultimately I would like to establish myself as an authority within the automotive and media industry on the full gamut of concept development, from concept inception through to finishing and detailing the final product. Key Skills • Sculpture (various materials); • Moulding and casting (various materials); • Creativity and artistry; • Time and project management, particularly within the context of working to commercial deadlines; • Interpersonal and communication skills, particularly facilitating discussion and negotiation within the contexts of concept development, and fostering client relationships. Education 1997 – 2003 Shiplake College, Oxfordshire GCSE English Literature (C), English Language (C), German (D), Maths (C), I.T. (D), Biology (C), Design Technology (A), Art (B), Sports Science (C) A-Level Design Technology (B), Fine Art (C), Sports Science (C) 2003 – 2007 Coventry University BA Hons. Transport and Product Design (2:1) Dissertation – Designing for the Third Age Feb – The Neil Gorton Prosthetic Studio Mar 2012 Screen prosthetics, special make-up FX and animatronics Final Project – To scale concept animatronic puppet made from tin based silicone with pump activated breathing effect, LED lighting and fans built into biomechanical legs, with 6 inch wheel and tyre package. I had 20 days to design, sculpt, mould, cast and detail the finished product. Relevant Employment Experience Dec 2002 NoNameClothing Ltd At the age of 18 started my own clothing label whilst still at school. Developed business skills including company set up and finance, marketing and business management. Cultivated skills in concept and graphic design, product development and execution. Turned over approximately £1,000 before suspending trading to commence university. Jun – Jul 2005 Brick Kiln Group, Oxfordshire Body Shop contracted to F1 teams Renault, Williams and Jordan. Role involved stripping back cars to their composite body work to prepare for resprays between races. Gained tremendous insight into the high intensity atmosphere of F1 body work and experience working with carbon fibre materials. Role demanded meticulous preparation and application to meet strict commercial deadlines in accordance with a highly specified brief. Sep 2005 R.A.C. (Radcot Armoured Components), Oxfordshire Role entailed welding steel box sections to fabricate production line jigs for use in the Honda plant, Swindon. Each jig consisted of over 16 individual welds, and I was working to a target of 60 units per day. Necessitated high levels of consistency and quality. June 2006 Caterpillar, Coventry 10 week paid modelling placement working on a Caterpillar Tele-Handler Interior, designed for the American market. Role entailed making a full scale interior model in modelling foam with soft touch paint finish, to be displayed at design clinics before going into production. Gained vital experience working with others to meet strict commercial deadlines as well as developing familiarity with various modelling materials and techniques. Developed strong client management skills during the placement. Dec 2007 Millets Farm Centre, Oxfordshire Retained on a private basis to design a range of graphic based concepts for the new seasonal vegetable box range. Gained first-hand experience of working to a specified brief. Sep 2007 – Radcot Plant Ltd, Oxfordshire Feb 2008 Operating plant machinery to complete contract groundwork and demolition as well as other various construction projects. Worked with various construction materials and machinery. Jul 2009 Rob Gurney Insulation – Jan 2010 Set up my own company invoicing Australian Government for installing insulation as part of a scheme to cut carbon emissions. Turned over approximately $13,000. Travelling (Mar 2008 – Feb 2010) Travelled through Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, New Zealand and Australia. Funded the trip partly through savings (£3,000) and then through chef and construction work throughout the trip. Achievements Divisional England rugby and Oxfordshire County rugby captain U16, Oxfordshire County rugby U17, U18. Personal Interests Sculpture (various materials); model making; rugby; automotive design and finish. Life goal: long term restoration project on my own classic car with modern elements and finish.


Coventry University



completion of Make-Up FX and Prosthetics Creation at Gorton Studios.