The RALEIGH Project - Spraypainted stencils of the letters in RALEIGH across 240 feet of 8x4feet plywood boards, installed on Lenoir Street for the Raleigh Convention Center in downtown Raleigh, August 2005
Alive! - Freehand spraypainted collaborative mural done with Sean Kernick for Artspace Gallery, January 2005, Raleigh, NC
Bukowski and McIsaac - Original oil crayon illustration of Charles Bukowski and myself. 5 feet wide x 4 feet long
GD in the Postmodern Era - Typography project, a b/w magazine spread for an article titled Graphic Design in the Postmodern Era by Mr.Keedy
Sin! - Spraypainted mural done at McCaig-Welles Gallery for a group exhibition in Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY, August 2005

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