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logo redesign - 2nd year work...
The form has been inspired from leaf keeping the concept of the brand in mind that is nature. The first initial has been composed with the form of a leaf and color associating nature are used.
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client work - 3nd year ..
(team work..with Jaimeen Desai)
The product of the company is highlighted in the logo. The form is
thus derived from it. Color are taken keeping the product in mind.
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Fine arts fair 2011 - It was a self initiated project. Our faculty told us to decide our own theme and create logo accordingly. So I took Cubism as a theme and made logos.
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NGO ogo - As per client's demand they want to highlight woman empowerment and due to its producing Handicraft items so hand should be there. to show the woman's power and grace , i chose perfect bird peacock in the form of hand.

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