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The Adventures of Ricky and Geraldine - This is a Freelance animation job i did for a small company.
To view the full animation. visit this website.


2D Flash Animation for Antics Studio.
All characters and background designed by Client and Antics Studio. Courtesy and owned by Antics Studio.
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CJ the DJ 2D Flash Animation - Watch CJ the DJ Episode @

This is a Cartoon Series from Australia. I was part of the animation team from my previous Animation company in Vision Animaiton Studios.

CJ the DJ is an Australian TV series created for the new ABC3 channel. It is very popular and is claimed to be the most successful show on ABC3. The show was created by Mark Gravas of Yakkity Yak fame.
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Combo Ninos (Jetix Animation) - To view : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAe87iH05-A

I took part in working this project as a Layout artist, and Animator in one of my other previous company Inspidea Sdn Bhd.
Jetix Europe co-producing a Flash-animated action-comedy series titled Combo Niños with French production house SIP Animation and broadcaster TF1. Aimed at kids 6-10, the show debut on Jetix Europe’s channels in August 2008. Combo Niños revolves around four kids who can transform into animal-inspired superheroes.
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Short Animation test - To View this Animaiton visit :

an animation i did for fun. It has no storyline. just trying out some skills. Software use - Manual 2D animation Cell, Toon Boom Studio V3.
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MTV Animation - Mad World (College Work) - To view the animation Visit :

This is another Assignment i did in college. It is an Animation Music Video for Gary Jules version of the song 'Mad World'.

Software use - 2D Animaition Manual Cell, Adobe After effects, Adobe Premier, Adobe Photoshop.

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