My mission is to create simple products that positively impact people's lives directly or indirectly yet leaves a minimal footprint on the environment and making it look awesome.

Work Samples

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Work History

  • Designer

    • Olloclip
    • Huntington Beach, CA
    • Mar 2012 - Jan 2017 (4 years 10 months)

    Olloclip is a smartphone accessories company with multiple award winning mobile camera lens system and
    products. Olloclip is the pioneer in mobile photography and has ushered in a new category of products.
    The company sets out to make capturing and sharing experiences fun and creative.

  • Assistant Designer

    • Stacy Dukes Design
    • Santa Ana, CA
    • Nov 2010 - Jun 2012 (1 year 7 months)

    Stacy Dukes is an environmental and graphic design firm headed by Stacy Dukes who’s work has been archived at
    the Getty Museum.

    - Tasked with conceptualization of cellular living quarters for 7,000 single veterans in Barstow,
    CA. Project involved massive research on adobe as building material, veterans with PTSD, and
    evironmental conditions.

    - Developed concepts of a garden centerpiece for a high profile client. The project goes inside a
    Feng Shui garden of an $8M home. The art piece is made of granite approximately 3x4x2 feet.
    Problem solving consisted of fabrication from a solid block of granite, transporting, and supporting
    the centerpiece.

    - Placed in charge of designing semi-spherical fountain top that goes inside a high-end shopping
    center. The fountain is 12 feet in diameter and sits on a central axis above a basin like an umbrella
    with water coming up from the top of the fountain.