– After coaxing from a long time friend, after his visit to a apparel store, that reminded him of me... I broadened my line of prints/stickers, to include tee's & toques... That became JAFIB Wear visit facebook.com/JAFIB.Wear to see the tees : ) Electronic Display Designer – Designed new environmental signage for Harrah’s that resulted in a 200% profit in that specific slot bank in a one month span. – Influenced the concept, and created the designs for rock and roll tour merchandise. Making over $4,000,000 in one artists' summer 2001 U.S. tour profit. Environmental Sign Designer – Teamed with co-workers/designers to design whole casino display packages for many entertainment properties; examples, Harrah's Entertainment (Paris Las Vegas, Harrah's AZ, CA, MS, NJ casinos), Pinnacle Entertainment (Laberge du Luc Casino Lake Charles, LA, Belterra Casino Resort & Spa, Florence, IN). I am a print media specialist, who strives to stay a step ahead in todays ever-changing competitive market. I'm looking to grow, teach, & inform future companies/agencys with my speed, creativity and integrity.


Seattle Retail Store Award


'Official' LFC Seattle 'Board Member' as Designer & Merchadiser

Experience & Education