Guitar Backpack Concepts - Ideation pages for a backpack that would safely transport a guitar. Aimed for the urban nomad lifestyle.
Messenger Bag
Backpack Thumbnails - Exploratory sketches with quick render for the 2010 Back To School backpack line.
MX Helmet
Sneaker Sketching
Locust Concept - Off-road vehicle concept with the suspension inspired by the legs of a Locust.
Air Squadron
Hover Bike - Quick vehicle concept
Skate Shoe - Quick-photoshop rendering
Big Wheel - rough vehicle concept
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"Locals only" ski-pack - After you arrive on the mountain in your beat-up truck, toss your ski's on your back with the "locals only" pack. Sure you wear the same gear huntin' this morning, but that won't matter as you powder spray those pompous gear-head tourists.
"Blasto" Ray Gun - Sometimes a man's just gotta draw a ray gun... right?
Raygun - Just having fun with a quick sci-fi "raygun" render
Vinyl Toy Concept - Rendering done in illustrator of a Vinyl Toy design
Backpack Graphic Concept - Pattern and color exploration for the Case Logic "Back to School" line.

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