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For practice and getting up to speed in Solidworks, I recreated an old PlayStation Dualshock controller. It was also helpful to learn a bit about the manufacturing.

Many thanks to chevisw, sprockets, masood1224, engio, blaster701, slippyfish, and cadjunkie on the Core77 boards for the modeling strategy help.
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A gift for my dad, this is a quick and blocky model of the truck that housed the Programmer Test Station (PTS) and Power Station (PS) of the Pershing 1-A missile system (early 1970s). The truck was based off the bed of a Ford M656. It successfully printed in Shapeways and is my first Shapeways print, although I have not seen the results yet! Here is the Shapeways link: http://bit.ly/RiZLQ9
Original vehicle photo: http://www.usarmygermany.com/Units/FieldArtillery/P1-A%20veh%202.jpg
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More practice in Solidworks. My goal was to model this standard boom lift as if it were a pewter toy -- so that I would not get bogged down on the nuts & bolts details, but instead to focus on modeling and surfacing quickly to get the form down.

Mostly based on this existing lift:

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