Royalty Modeling Agency - This shot was done for a modeling agency showcasing their talent. This shot was done in the course of 20 minutes literally. We shot a lot of their models on white or black backgrounds which got boring. So while I had a minute I took around the building and found this in this location in the basement of the warehouse and just had to use it. I like the juxtaposition of the dress and the grittiness of the location. And We didn't even trash the dress.
Jen for Royalty - Shot of Jen for Royalty. It was with natural light this time and adding a couple of props while trying not to make it too senior portrait like.
David For Kingdom Dreams Clothing - Shot was for A Clothing Company. I wanted this shot to have a feel of business while mixing in some playfulness mainly to appeal to the target demographics of the Company which was 18-34
Beatrice - This shot was for a personal project. She wanted me to do some pinup style work which we did and came out great but I wanted a more elaborate shot that was fun. I got the location release the day before the shoot and purposely didn't tell her because I love the aspect of being spontaneous to see what we can get out of a people not only as a model but as a person. Again the juxtaposition of her being in a evening dress as if she had no other clothing to wear to the laundry mat was important.
Hair model - This outtake shot was for a Hair dresser that wanted to have some of her Hair concepts. While I did some closeups of her style I wanted to do something more fun. Although I wasn't the happiest with what the model was wearing I like the way the image as a whole worked out, with the lines of the stairs and the flare of the sun.
Self image - A personal image concept dealing with frustration. Just or Fun.

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