During the past twenty five years I have earned a reputation for being a highly skilled senior level stylist, model maker/prototype finisher with artistic capabilities. I have played a key role in designing, innovating, implementing, creating and executing directions for manufacturing operations involving tooling with textures, colors and materials, with quality assurance functions for nationally and internationally recognized corporations.

Work Samples

  • Intel

  • Estman

  • Ford

Work History

OBJECTIVE To seek out a position with a company who uses innovative production methods, incorporating new and cutting edge developments in the use of color, surfaces and materials. QUALIFICATIONS Surface Color Materials Specialist - Excellent integrity in color aesthetics with future perception, rich broad experience investigating, innovating or inventing, developing new processes in surface, finishes, color and materials applications. - Knowledgeable and effective in broad areas of design in form, future trends, aesthetics, patterns, human factors, user observations, engineering, reverse engineering, fabricating, functional requirements, user testing, styling, modeling, sculpting, pattern making and some tooling. - Exceptional visualizing skills in design and style, understanding, interpreting and executing especially those requiring a unique eye for “form and style” complimenting with color and finishes. EXPERIENCE 2006 to 2008 Independent Consultant, Surface Color Materials Specialist. - Consulted at Frog Design on Emotional Design for various projects, defines new sophisticated looks for current products, cut down the cost and expenditures on time, finishes and materials for production while maintaining design integrity for AMD, Seagate, IGT, HP, Cisco, Villaware, J&J, Maxtor, Netflix, 2Wire. - Consulted for Dell on future computer products creating new visual aesthetics, maintaining the vision and direction for the future of its product line. 2000 to 2006 IDEO Palo Alto, CA, USA Surface Color Materials Specialist, Grade 14, Sr. Traditional Model Maker. - Established production of visual hard models, high end functional appearance prototypes, "show room concept cars". Taught wide breadth of traditional skills and techniques at the IDEO form studio, for clients such as Pepsi, Microsoft, Intel, HP, Samsung, Palm, Handspring, Steelcase, Whirlpool, P&G, OXO, Lilly Reach, plus many more, boosting studios work flow and revenue. - Proven record of successful programs which helped to build up more long lasting client relationships/return business from Microsoft, HP, Intel Zyliss, HannSpree, P&G, Eastman, three of them resulting in multi million dollar contracts in revenues for IDEO. 1997 to 2000 Frog Design Sunnyvale, CA, USA Grade 14, Sr. Traditional Model Maker. - Developed synergies with different clients, disciplines/teams in order to evaluate, communicate and execute design directions to various teams or vendors for rapid overlapping prototype deadline executions, managed Ford, AT&T, Disney, Micron, eCast, Kavo, Schick, many others. - Managed vendor relations utilized “time and motion” methodologies and created new tools and way of tooling streamlining techniques/processes resulting in saving costs and time for AT&T, Ford, Schick, eCast, and Disney. 1995 to 1997 Satellite Models (Lunar Design) Mountain View, CA, USA Sr. Model Maker- Quality Controller. - Quality control, built and over looked every model in fast-pace detail-oriented environment. - Helped to build and secure longer lasting business relationships with external clients resulting in 30% increase in model making work and revenues. For various clients, Apple, HP, Oral-B, Silicone Graphics, and ProjectaVision. 1991 to 1994 Vent Design Campbell, CA, USA Sr. Model Maker - Managed in-house modeling studio, involved with developing 3-D model making, styling, silicone tooling, vacuum forming tooling, casting, sculpting and investigating new treatments and materials for Nike, Compaq, Sun Microsystems, Apple, MCI, Knoll, Jabra, Plantronics, Teva, Kensington, O Neill and other well known brands. - Established mass production facility at Vent Design for Knoll Extra, and generated production-run for mouse-pads, wrist-rests, lumbar-support and footrests, with capacity exceeding 1M units per item 1982 to 1991 Random Product Design Ltd London, England Model Maker. - Four years apprenticeship with Random, developed broad skill set in model making, injection molding, fiberglass tooling, vacuum forming tooling, silicone tooling, aluminum sand casting, custom eye matching, quality spraying and texture, CNC machining of aerodynamic foils For the Formula One car industry including specific engagements for company such as McLaren, Ferrari, Jaguar, created 1/4 scale aerodynamic wind tunnel models, water vessels. Projects include Virgin Transatlantic (Powerboat and Balloon), Fishing Boats, Australian and American pilot’s night vision and helmets, Lions Plastic Clarinet, Knoll, British Telecom, check-in desks for BAA Heathrow Terminal1, Evenflow, Ferguson Television, the film industry and many more. 1979 to 1982 Lee Goldfinger & Miles Architects and Planers London, England Drafter Technician, Model Maker. - specific duties: manual drafting of presentation renderings, preparation and reading of Architectural drawings, orchestrating building contractors, also included the making of Architectural models. EDUCATION: City And Guilds of London Institute. London, England. Engineering major: Industrial and Environmental Studies, Industrial Skills and Practices, Technology-Principles and Applications, and Communication Studies. SECONDARY SCHOOL: O levels in Art, Design and Technology. CSE in English, Mathematics, and Electronics. REFERENCES Upon request


City And Guilds of London Institute.



Worked on fifty six design award-wining models, in England and USA. The Museum of Modern Art in New York hosts four of the models.