Wine Pourer - Clean, minimal, funtional.
Mood Board - This mood board gives the viewer an idea or sense of where this product may go in the home and shows similar products with the same level of design.
One of several sketch models from concept renderings - This was fun! At the time i was also in a jewelry making class and metal sculpture. I was able to use the machines and equiptment that I normally wouldn't get to use at the school to make the sketch models.
Wine Pourer - This is the final model that was chosen. The picture highlights the foot stand which also keeps the glass bottle in place.
Another picture
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Products out there - Products I looked at while researching the market place
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Fun Contemporary Inspiration board
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Contemporary mood board for the Wine Pourer - This is another mood board I created.
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Wine Pourer Mood Board - Yet another mood board. I think this one is the closest in relation to content being similar in both mood and the clean line look that I wanted.

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