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Y Pendrive - Picture a pendrive that double your GB.
That means twice your favorite music, photos, files and whatever you wish.
Double your storage experience with this masterpiece of design.
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Tag Tray - Tag is a tray to serve the people you love.
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Black Morph Concept - Movement sensors, wireless, vibration and audio system to maximize the user experience.
The gamer can transform it according to the game; it is a pistol, a bow, a lightsaber, even a soccer player or anything your imagination is up to.
Because just Kinect is boring.
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Smartcart - Designed to offer a faster, more practical and ecological way of shopping, the SmartCart, with minimalist and avantgard design, can be used with the EcoBag, the normal basket, or the personal bag: Peanut. With the Smartcart the market gains benefits in practicality, design, branding, economy and client fidelity. And the client gains benefits in agility, fresh meals, practicality, sustainability and design.

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