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  • Sabino Leerentveld


    Rotterdam, Netherlands

designer, alias, rhino, freehand,...

Work Samples

  • Boulevard racer

  • DW770R

Work History

Curriculum Vitae Personal details: Sabino Leerentveld Hazendijk 89 3079PE Rotterdam the Netherlands Email: info@sabinodesign.com Website/Portfolio: http://sabaman.deviantart.com/gallery or www.sabinodesign.com tel: +31 (0) 644573336 Education: Olympus College Bouw Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam Rotterdam the Netherlands 09/1999 - 01/2003 Field: CAD (alias mainly and rhino), 3-D Modeling, Conceptual design, Illustration, visualisation,... Field: CAD (A-CLASS), 3-D Modeling, Conceptual design, Illustration Overview: Experience in 3d Design and sketching, CAD, 3D Nurbs surface modeling. Work experience: Year 2004 - 2010 Dunameos cars, Sketching of a production kit car, modeling the exterior surfaces using rhino3d NURBS modeling 2d/3d CAD / Graphic Design. Rotterdam and Groningen, - Parts surfaces designed for later cnc milling, project put on hold due to financial burdens Several differnt models to get an idea of what would look best Parasol Island, Responsibilities included Designing a sportscar for parasol island, not to be built, just the 3d model. Duesseldorf Germany. Parasol Island, Fixing gaps and seems in an Audi a8 (alias) model for promotional purpose. Duesseldorf Germany. Aeres cars, CAD modeling and designing (sketching) of a sportscar for concept and production. Rotterdam and California. Virtek, Modeling exterior of a marine ship for radar analysis in Nurbs. Rotterdam. Ron Martin Computerfilm + Visual Effects e.K. Modeling a Sportscar. Düsseldorf Germany. Talvi Productions Oy TALVI, Modeling a Sportscar for Nokia Commercial. Finland. Iver Hansen Fotostudio, Converting Cad data and Rendering. Düsseldorf Germany. Netwheels Oy, Car rendering. Finland. Yellylab, Product Visualization. Amsterdam. van Smirren mould and design, Schoonhoven, architecture visualisation van Smirren mould and design, Architecture Visualization, Product visualization and Surfacing. Schoonhoven. Iver Hansen, Car rendering, Data Converting. Düsseldorf Germany. Iver Hansen, Car rendering, Data Converting, Design and 3d modeling. Düsseldorf Germany. Peter Ruebenian, Design of an Aston martin for photography Koln Germany. Nike, Abstract scenery design for nike campaign. Koln Germany. Nokia, Phone renderings. The Netherlands and San Diego. Uwe Duettman, Renderings for Audi. Hamburg Germany. Van Smirren mould and design, Product Design and Renderings. Rotterdam and Schoonhoven. Vertikal Product; Rendering of a Nokia telephone. Rotterdam and San francisco. Digitales Leben; Rendering and modeling, several projects including; nike, audi, mercedes. Koln Germany The People; Rendering and modeling. Amsterdam. Hoge School Arnhem en Nijmegen (HAN) Teaching of Rhinoceros nurbs modeling and writing a Tutorial on how to model a tram. Prautotype tv program on dutch television (RTL7), lead designer on building a concept car Edwin Roukema, modeling and design of a dispenser Digitales Leben, Modeling of several existing cars and Rendering Monsma research, design of xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxx Year 2004 – 2010 2011 Digitales Leben, Converting 3d data for renderings rvs mould design, exterior seat modeling technicon, alias modeling Software Usage Aliasstudio (main) Rhino3d, (main) PhotoShop, (main) Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Wacom, 3DStudio Max, (main) Brazil, Mental ray, Vray (main) Microsoft products


grafisch lyceum rotterdam