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The 5-piece tea service brings all elements of making tea toghether: water, heat, tea and fine crafted vessels. It comprises a teapot with milling attachement, a kettle, an inducion cooker, a container for the tea-sticks, and a tea cup.
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Each step of preparing tea was designed to generate experience. In order to create an experience, the interaction between a product and a user must be considered. Every single action of the user is combined with a sensual feedback of the product, which makes him feel participated. The result is a process where the user plays an active role.
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The specificity of this tea service is the teapot, which has an attached milling machine. This special feature enables the user to combine different tea flavours by grinding tea-sticks. The tea-sticks consist of different flavours made of extracts, which need to be pulverised first in order to be dissolved in water. This new way of tea preparation allows a wide range of tea mixtures, which makes tea drinking more experimental and exciting.
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Three different materials are used for the tea service to make its appearance and haptics appealing and functional at the same time: smoked glass, stony ceramics and glistering brass. The vessels consist of a misterious material combination, smoked glass and dark ceramics, which seem to float into each other. This material combination allows robustness and visibility at the same time.
Metallic details made of brass signalise tecnical components and fields of action.
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Another special design detail is the delicate surface stucture on the milling attachement and the handles. The structures appear to dip into the surface. They improve grip by using these devices, but they also do indicate interactive areas.
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Another special feature is the ceramic induction field. It combines tea preparation and water boiling within one device with two docking stations for each vessel. On the right side u can boil the water in the kettle, on the left u can preheat the tea bottle. Both vessles have a metal core at the bottom, where the energy is transformed.

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