Some of my collection - Collage with rocks, antique Austrian beads, things from the sea, post card, old photograph, mohair velvet, etc.
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Chelsea Gallery - Negative image on cell phone
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Zack Attack - Zackary, Zackatorius, Macaroni (Tibetan Terrier and Papillon)
New York Winter
New York Winter - Japanese Maple
Icicle - Three story icicle of lights made by Jorge Pabon and myself. About a dozen strings of lights on a nylon cable. We added one string of lights then moved up a few feet... added another and so on to make it get wider at the top. It was very cold that night and this thing was much heavier than we expected. Jorge was on the ground on his cell phone as I hoisted it up and then I waited, barely able to hold on, while he came up to the roof to help me anchor it.
Truck Exhaust on Snow - A truck with a workshop in the back had an exhaust fan for the heating system that had melted the snow. It looks like a crater or a black hole in space.
Snow on Car - The engine was just warm enough to melt part of the snow that fell after they parked.
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Unknown Tree Branches - The snow had fallen a large limb in my neighbors yard. The branches had buds but I never expected them to bloom in the dead of winter.
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New York Winter - View from by bedroom window in Brooklyn.
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Natural Bridge
Dandelion - Computer-generated dandelion flower in Photoshop.

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