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  • Carlos André Lameirão Côrtes

    Sal y Agua

    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Watercolor paintings, ilustrations, surf culture, brazilian religion, african gods, umbanda, candomblé.

Work Samples

  • Sal y Agua Mix

  • orixas

  • caderno de maria

Work History

My work began in the sea. The movement of the waves was the most repeated form in the paintings I executed. I began to ask myself what would be my own personal work and to seek coherence and continuity in what I did. I felt that it was necessary to overcome rational procedure in order to identify my expression, and I liberated myself from the necessity to represent figures as they appear in reality – my designs became more interesting and enriched. Upon separating myself from form, I began to concentrate more on quality without worrying about preconceived aesthetics. My painting became more free and gestural, and I began to extract movement from things. The way I perceived the sea changed. It was as if it became a living being. Also, a great internal transformation occurred in terms of the relationship between my art and my perception of the world. I began to respect natural elements; to revere them and all of the energy they emanate. I understood that my paintings possessed a deep connection with that which is spiritual, and that I was beginning to intuit the essence of things. Since then other forms have surged – mainly human figures. Today I consider my paintings to be a path that I tread. I teach painting and industrial design at the Universidade Pontifica Catolica of Rio de Janeiro. For me, selling my works on the Internet is something entirely novel.