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  • Sandeep Dev

    Product and Usability Designer

    Hyderabad, India

Hi, I am Sandeep, I am presently working as a Senior Usability Specialist at Human Factors International, Mumbai.

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CURRICULAM VITAE NAME: Mr. P. Sandeep. Dev INSTITUTE: National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad QUALIFICATION: B.Arch. From SPA � JNTU, Hyderabad Postgraduate Diploma in Product Design from NID, Ahmedabad. SKILLS: Visualizing FORM, Styling, Understanding User and user related issues. Market Analysis. SOFTWARE SKILLS: THINK 3, 3D Studio Max 7, AutoCAD, Rhino 3, Corel 12 , Adobe Photoshop CS. WORK EXPERIENCE: Six months as an Architect Two months industrial training with REVA Electric Car Company, Bangalore. Five months diploma project with Varroc Engineering, Aurangabad, designing Concept Seating systems for 4 wheelers. PRESENT STATUS: Presently working as ASST. MANAGER, PRODUCT DESIGN at Varroc engineering Pvt ltd, Aurangabad. My job profile is to set up design team and all the facilities required to manage Design at Varroc. I am designing many Automobile related products. PERMANENT ADDRESS: # 105, Chandra Apartments Behind Ravi theatre Saptagiri Nagar Kurnool Andhra Pradesh EMAIL: dev.sandy@gmail.com DATE OF BIRTH: 3rd May, 1980. FIELD OF INTEREST: Automobile Design, Consumer Products and lifestyle Products, Interactive Product Design, Usability Design. PARTICIPATION IN WORKSHOPS: Autoexpo� 04, Delhi, Workshop by IDEO, at NID, Indo � Italian Design Conference, Delhi. PARTICIPATION IN COMPETITIONS: OPUS Design Awards Jindal Stainless Steel Innovation Awards Marksman Design Awards �Build a Scorpio� - competition by Autocar India. K C Mahindra Design Awards 2005. ( award winning entry ) BREIF OUTLINE OF DESIGN PROJECTS AT NID: Simple product design: Dustbin for Kitchen use. An attempt to make the user use newspaper as the liner instead of polythene, making it an eco-friendly design. Technically complex project: Design of Inflow Meter. Inflow meter is an instrument used to measure the number of drops going in to the body from the saline bottle. System design: Ahmedabad�s Transportation System. Industrial training at REVA, Bangalore: During these two months I designed Accessories for the REVA Executive version which was targeted for the Professionals. Diploma project at Varroc Engineering, Aurangabad: I have designed an Economical Car seating System for 1 Lakh Car. Ergonomics, Cognitive ergonomics, Display and Control: We studied human factors, workspace environment, cognitive psychology, human computer interaction, information flow and processing. I worked for analysis of Coffee Vending Machine; ATM Machine, students� workshop at NID for workspace design, decision making in puzzle solving, display and control for an interactive Watch and PDA device for the Health Conscious Joggers. Design concepts and concerns: The scope of the course included various aspects of design process, user and its environment, market, perception of problem areas, information analysis, synthesis, concept generation and detailing for Khadi Products as area of development for urban environment. The wider issues of socio-cultural complexities and ecological aspects are considered. The aim was towards acquiring the various design methodologies and expanding lateral thinking abilities. Elements of form: With three elements of form courses, forms are developed by refining perceptual and aesthetic sensitivity. Form one course is experimentation with types of lines, planes, and solids exploring different dimensions of space. A transistor is developed in second form course as a focused and functional application of understanding of form, materials and processes. Exploring form through joinery, adding a fourth dimension, understanding form in both static and mobile states and also deriving an intermediate form, which is equally appealing as the movement takes place. We also had nature and form course where I designed a bottle opener with inspirations driven from a chameleon. Aeromodelling: As a part of open elective using balsa wood, the working prototypes of chuck gliders and tow-line gliders were developed. Focus of the course was more on understanding and acquiring the skills for using material and technique, understanding the principles of aviation for the same. OTHER SKILL / INFORMATION BASED STUDY IN: � Craft documentation on BIDRIWARE, a craft in Karnataka where Silver is inlayed in black alloy. � Materials and Processes: ferrous and non ferrous metals and alloys, plastics � Representation techniques. � 3D software modeling. � Color and form. � Workshop skills. THANK YOU


National Institute of Design, India



2nd prize - K C Mahindra Design Excellency Awards 3rd prize - Transdent Packaging Compitition.