eco-ganesha - This is the paper Ganesha I made as an exploration of paper
under the Guidance of Mr. Ranjan De. The materials used are
newspaper and fevicol. Then it is coated with a coating of
touch wood so as to make it waterproof.
The process of making this paper Ganesha is basically the
additive method so the material wastage is almost zero.
eco-tablelamp - This is the Paper Table Lamp I made as a part of the same
exploration of paper but here I took it to a higher level which
was a lot more difficult and challenging. The center of gravity
was a major problem in this case and also aesthetics of the
product could not have been ignored so I came up with this
very unusual looking form.
Again the material used in this is just newspaper and fevicol
coated with touch wood. The only alien material are wire,
bulb and the bulb holder.
paper speakers - This is the paper speaker again as a part of the same paper
exploration. Here I took this shape because I found almost all
the speakers are like boxes so I wanted to change this trend.
Again the material used is just newspaper and fevicol coated
with touch wood. The frame of the speaker is used and wire.
bamboo table lamp - This is a bamboo table lamp I made to study the linkages
and joints. I studied a lot of existing table lamps and found
some problem or the other in all of the them and I tried
solving them and taking price as a consideration i.e making
it as affordable as possible. Hence I used coconut shell for the
base and head. The bamboo can slide up and down to
adjust the length.
paper dustbin (for indoor use) - Generally we find dustbins of varying materials which may or
may not be eco-friendly. But paper which is generally looked
as a flimsy material is never used for a permanent dustbin. So
I took this as a challenge and made this dustbin whose shape
is inspired from a cheek and is completely paper. Ergonomic
consideration has been taken for removing dirt from the bin.
Basically it is a indoor use dustbin.
The materials used is pulp board, chart paper, handmade
paper and fevicol.
pen stand - This is pen/pencil and brush stand basically done as a form
exploration and finding some use also in a way. Here in this
product I tried to solve the mixing of brush and pens if kept
together hence creating confusions. Aesthetics is something
which was taken into consideration to a lot many extent.
The material use in this case is EPS and coated with putty and
then sanded for surface finish. Coated with enamel paint.
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