Octopoker - not realy sure how the idea for this one came up, i guess i could say its a study of ironic anthropomorphism in the study animal...but well its a octopus playing poker so hey, either way he has a great poker face
Dart frog - Here was a commissioned piece of work thats huge in its finished form...it realy needs to be seen at its true size (the frogs bigger than your head) to get the detail that took me hours and hours and hours.
Red i lagoon
Surf apocalypse
The nervous tiki bar
Chem-rose - This is from a commission some time ago now but a nice simply old school use of pencil and paper, based on its brother oil-rose.
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Oil-rose - A hand drawing scanned and cleaned up, very little done to it just a few adjustments. its as deep as you want to see it really...much darker lines than its brother chem-rose.
Beach babe - this was commission for a present by the client, the girl whos in the sence was made about her vw bug so was painted in this cartoon style on top of it.

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