Positive is the work of Scott Lambert – an English Graphic Designer based in Singapore, working across Asia and beyond. You'll find here a selection of commercial work, pro bono stuff and some personal projects too.

Work Samples

  • Oxford University Clinical Research Unit

  • Moriitalia

  • Britishisms

Work History

Scott Lambert Branding, Design, Art Direction. Scott Lambert was born and raised in Southampton, England. He pursued his early studies, as most boys do, drawing on toilet walls, beginning with squeakers, then graduating to the flexibility of aerosol spray cans - anatomy being his coup d’oeil. His passion for graphic design grew with studies at Winchester School of Art, going on to further his design studies at Middlesex University, London, graduating with a BA in Illustration. After a two years working in London, Scott enrolled in the university of life and travelled the world. Since then he has worked for several agencies applying his touch to many well known brands and organisations across the globe. But some of his most acclaimed projects have been for small charities, boutique brands and non government organisations. Scott’s work has been featured in numerous books, journals and websites. He's won a couple of small awards too.


Middlesex University, London



BA Hons. Illustration