From a World Beyond - Objective: Create makeup package designs that stand out in a retail setting, especially in the mass- market arena in specialty stores like Sephora. Design a line that will educate the consumer and create an iconic brand image through story telling, products, packaging and merchandising displays.
Brand Audit MAC Cosmetics - MAC is known for its one-on-one customer oriented retail experience. The products themselves are displayed in a very repetitious manner. There are endless rows of makeup in slightly different colors, all in black packaging. Mac is known for its collaboration with other brands to create a speciality line. The idea of brand collaboration is a strong opportunity for Mac to sell an image.
Co-Branding Collaboration - MAC is known for collaborating with many different brands. Combining the high-end fashion centric image of MAC with the creative fantasy experience of Cirque du Soleil would make for a vibrant, elegant and detailed image and marketing campaign for makeup.
Sketch Ideation - The physical design of the bottle needs to be iconic for both MAC and Cirque du Soleil. Cirque du Soleil is known for pushing the boundaries of theater by offering a new perspective on reality. Because of this, the makeup bottle should do the same. There should be innovation for the form as well as the function, by incorporating new materials and different application mechanisms.
Design Directions - Further design development for the makeup packaging explored new package form factors including: nesting, new products, premium products, and dual purpose bottles.
Product Family
Package Development - It was important to incorporate a decorative element into the Mystique makeup line. Cirque du Soleil is known for its extravagant experiences. Mystique should also break away from the classic box and create a new form for makeup packages.
Point of Purchase Display - The products rest on a frosted sheet of acrylic, suspended in the air by four aluminum rods. The squiggly pattern is carried over onto a laser cut design underneath the acrylic. All six products are shown in front of a large poster as well as one of the product packages.
Pattern Applicator

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