I am a Freelance sculptor and illustrator I have many years experience in sculpting, from working for one of the best prototype toy sculpture studios, to working on big budget films, and creating one-off pieces for private commisions. I have created a diverse range of sculptures from creating life size dinosaurs to designing and creating toy prototypes with the computer 3d programme zbrush

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Work History

GENERAL INFORMATION Name: Sean Dabbs Address: 128 Sycamore Crescent, New Arley Coventry Warwickshire, CV7 8HG Home Telephone : 01676 540110 Mobile Telephone: 07746980115 Date of birth: 28/11/81 Place of birth: Kettering, Northamptonshire Nationality: English Marital status: Single PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE 2001 Northampton Dernate Theatre ¡ñ Make-up 2001 Rugby Theatre ¡ñ Prosthetics ¡ñ Make-up 2002 A Christmas Carol ¨C South Bank University film ¡ñ Prosthetics ¡ñ Make-up 2003 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban ¨C Nick Dudman ¡ñ Creature effects department, work experience in art finishing (painting creatures). 2004 Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire ¨C Nick Dudman, Creature effects department ¡ñ Sculpting - helped with the horntail Dragon and blocking out sculpts ¡ñ Art finishing - painted creature prototypes such as the mermaid ¡ñ Mould making - helped to create complex silicone and fibreglass moulds ¡ñ Silicone ¨C created silicone heads and bodies, mixed base skin tones. 2004 Beowulf ¨C Nick Dudman. ¡ñ Dealt with mixing and pouring foam and silicone heads and bodies, fabricated rotting skulls, and helped block out sculpted pieces. 2005 Leamington theatre company ¡ñ Sculpting, moulding and creating fibre-glass masks. 2005 ¨C 2007 Worked as a freelance sculptor/fx artist for private commissions which included ¨C ¡ñ Working with a range of sculpting materials such as castaline, plastaline, chevant and sculpey, creating a large variation of sculptures from a dog¡¯s head, figurines, film character replicas and portraits. ¡ñ Creating complex moulds for the sculptures ¡ñ Painted the finished pieces 2007 ¨C present Vesuviad : the dream ¡ñ working as a concept artist/illustrator to create the graphic novel ¡®Vesuviad : the dream¡¯ Designworks Windsor ¡ñ Sculpting and designing prototype toys ¨C for character options, such as - Doctor who 5¡± figures - Doctor who miniatures (1 1/2") - Scooby-doo figures ¡ñ Helped create block silicone moulds within the mould making department ¡ñ Painted figures ¡ñ Digital sculpting using z-brush QUALIFICATIONS 2001 ¨C 2004 South Bank University, London :- ¡ñ Bsc (Hons) Special Effects Core Modules involve extensive study and analysis in: ¡ñ Practical Engineering for SFX ¡ñ Digital Animation ¡ñ Prosthetics ¡ñ Animatronics 1999 ¨C 2001 Northampton Booth Lane College :- ¡ñ A - level Drawing & Painting ¨C Grade B ¡ñ A/S ¨C level 3D design ¨C Grade A ¡ñ Make-up Artist Diploma MAIN SKILLS ¡ñ SCULPTING ¡ñ PAINTING ¡ñ MOULD MAKING ¡ñ DIGITAL SCULPTING ¡ñ ILLUSTRATION (DIGITAL/TRADITIONAL)


south bank university, London